TV Gear Guru

If the idea of being a casual fan is anathema to you, you’ve come to the right place!

There are some people in the world that are content to watch a TV show, enjoy it, and move on. For the rest of us, there’s the Internet. If waiting a week for the next episode just isn’t enough, we’ve got everything you need. Whether you identify as a hardcore TV and movie addict, or just someone who can’t get enough of the characters and plots you love, consider this a place to geek out as hard as you can. Not only have we been there, we live that lifestyle. Connect with others who feel as passionately as you do—how long has it been since you could chat with someone without pretending that you know far less than you do about your favorite character’s backstory, so they don’t think you’re weird? Show everyone your fan pride, and get yourself something nice while you’re at it.

We’ve compiled a list of the best possible t-shirts, mugs, posters, and swag from all of your favorite shows. Treat yourself, and don’t forget that there are other ways you can use that sweet gear as well. It’s not just for building shrines in your closet anymore. Let your merchandise breathe, and bring it into your everyday life. Just don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly being asked to share your source for all that awesome stuff you’ve got. It’s up to you whether you want to play nice, or whether you want to keep it all for yourself.







Declare Your Love

Do you love Doctor Who, Batman, Harry Potter, Avatar, The Office, or X-Men? Sure, you might love them on the inside, but how is everyone going to know if you don’t declare yourself loud and proud? Get yourself a Friends mug to sip from, slap Superman onto your wall, and walk around knowing that someone is going to run up to you and ask you if you are the Knights who say Ni. The time of geek shaming is over, and everyone needs to know that you were the first to know Winter is Coming.

Remember how difficult it used to be to go from store to store, hoping that some video chain had the poster you were looking for? And if it was for a TV series, you were out of luck. These days, you can find enough posters to paper your wall just by clicking through here. This site was created by people who are as much addicts as you are, and know how important it is to achieve the One True Swag. No longer do you have to search for fruitless months before you find the perfect item for that empty spot on the mantle and in your heart. Every time you reach for a cup of coffee in the morning, it’ll be a warm, reassuring reminder that no matter how rough life can get, those characters are always there for you.



 Find Your Friends

If you grew up before the Internet was a true household staple, you suffered through the true dichotomy of finding friends who cared about the same things you did: to convince your current friends, or find new ones? Back then, it was far easier to force your childhood friends to watch whatever you were interested in—if you could find a copy of your fave on VHS.

These days, it’s much easier to reach out online and find friends that are into the same things you are—but having a sweet stash of gear from your favorite show makes everything much easier. Just like you’d plaster your blog with pictures of the ultimate (fictional) love of your life, you can now attract friends by wearing your fandom proudly. Make sure to leave some room in your closet for business clothes, though. Once you start getting decked out in Firefly and Thor, you’ll find it difficult to go back. Any coffee shop, any mall, any restaurant you enter is suddenly an opportunity to talk to someone in person about your ultimate biases—something usually relegated to online life.







Level Up

Let’s be honest: there are some less-than-pure reasons that you want to have all the newest, all the hottest, all the best swag for your favorite shows and movies. Sure, it’s great to be able to meet people, to get along with new friends, and to let everyone know that you’re really invested in what happens to Iron Man in whichever film he’s appearing in next. But the real reason you want to get your hands on that ultimate purchase? Bragging rights.

Sure, you can make a lot of friends with sharing. We all learned that on Sesame Street. But to find the really good stuff, you might have to get to the front of the line by any means necessary. That’s easy, with the comprehensive lists we’ve provided of all the merchandise you could possibly want from every hot TV show out there, and a few movies, too. Don’t let someone cut in front of you. We have the lists you need to get the stuff you want, so don’t be surprised if you turn a few self-proclaimed ‘fans’ green with envy when you show up.




What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re a true fan, you’ll be falling over yourself to get at these goods. Don’t worry—we have serious lists of stuff. We’re superfans just like you, and these lists are points of pride for us. We don’t charge, we don’t skim off the top, and there’s no commission for us. We’re just connecting die-hard fans (possibly of Die Hard) to the sweet swag they want and deserve. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find limited, hard-to-find, and just plain awesome stuff for your favorite series on our lists. This is also a place for fans to be, so come in, enjoy, and leave with something you didn’t even know you wanted. Of course, if you’re a true fan, you knew what you were getting into the moment you stopped by our page. Don’t worry…we won’t tell.